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Shandong Dongli group, located in the beautiful kite capital of Changyi, Weifang, Shandong, has six holding subsidiaries. Respectively: Shandong Kanglilai medical equipment co., LTD, Changyi city, east the comprehensive real estate development Co., LTD, Changyi city east, construction and installation C., LTD, Changyi city east property management Co., LTD., Changyi city double medical instrument Co., LTD, Changyi city east the graphite products Co., LTD. Group total assets reached 560 million yuan, a total of more than 2000 employees, since its inception, group adhere to technology as the core, with capital as the link, take comprehensive advantage of the group members, to achieve the optimal allocation of various resources, make a greater contribution to society.
Since its establishment, Shandong Dongli group has carried out centralized decision-making, hierarchical management and decentralized operation. It involves medical equipment, real estate development and construction, property management, graphite products and other fields.
Medical equipment industry
The company was founded in 2007, with a registered capital of 32 million yuan. The registered address is No. 8, Xinchang Road, Changyi City. Company specializing in the production of disposable infusion sets, disposable sterile syringes and other three kinds of medical apparatus and instruments and gastric tube, sputum suction tube, oxygen mask, such as high-end products, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales for the integration of modern high technology industry.
Real estate development
Changyi Dongli real estate comprehensive development Co , LTD was established in 2002. Since its establishment, the company has been awarded advanced real estate development enterprise by Weifang construction bureau successively. The enterprise credit management association of Weifang city, Weifang city, Weifang industrial and commercial administration bureau, Weifang province and Weifang city jointly awarded the enterprise of "keeping the contract and valuing the credit".
Graphite products
Changyi city east, graphite products Co.LTD, was founded in 1999, is set research and development, production and sales of sealing materials and products of high-tech enterprises, located in the kite is the hometown of the east, green seedlings, Changyi city urban area, the main products are: flexible graphite coil (plate), graphite reinforced plate, all kinds of winding gasket, graphite packing ring, graphite gaskets, graphite strip, graphite packing, graphite braided packing, ptfe products, carbon fiber packing, etc. With rich production experience and advanced production technology, complete testing equipment, professional technical personnel, all the physical and chemical indicators of products meet export standards, strong annual capacity. Enjoys a high reputation in the domestic market, and exports to the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries and regions.