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Company introduces
Shandong Kanglilai Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd was established in May 2008 approved by SFDA, Shandong Foodand Drug Administration and Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce, registered capital of 32 million.
Location advantage: It is located in Changyi City, which is in the State Key Economic Development Circle of YellowRiver - Blue Ocean, at the foot of Wenshan Hill on the bank of Weihe River and in the north of Jiqing Express Rail andQingyin Expressway, in the south of Rongwu Expressway, Qingdao City closer to the east and Jinan City next to the west,an hour economic work circle has been formed. Superior geographical location, convenient transportation.
Infrastructure: It covers an area of 120,000 square meters , two purified workshops with 11,000 square meters meetthe GMP standards of 1000 class, 3,000 square meters of R & D Center, 2,380 square meters of worker canteen, 6000square meters of worker dormitory building, 4000 square meters of staff apartment building. We have 180 sets of theadvanced production facilities, more than 50 sets of testing and inspection equipment.
Human resources: more than 500 employees including 6 senior titles, 12 intermediate professional and technicalpersonnel, respectively responsible for product research and development, production management, quality control,purchase and marketing, after-sales service and other function of positions.
Production capacity: There are workshop of syringes and infusion sets, medical pipeline workshop, workshop offace mask and medical protective clothing, molding workshop, granulation workshop, water purification workshop, steamproduction workshop. The main production of disposable infusion sets, disposable syringes, disposable dispensingsyringe, medical protective clothing and face masks, high-pressure extension tube and others with class Il & class Il. Theannual output of infusion set 78.6 million, syringe 5. 58 million, all kinds of catheter products more than 3 million meters.
      There are 25 fully automatic production equipment in the mask workshop, by which 1.5 million disposable medicalmasks and disposable medical surgical masks can be produced per day.
Sales network: the domestic sales network has covered all cities in Shandong Province, and has established salesoutlets in Shanghai, Shanxi, Hebei, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and Xinjiang. Established friendly trade dealingswith the Weigao Group. At the same time, actively opened up the international markets, most of the products have beensold to Russia, Germany, South Korea, Tajikistan, India, Turkey, Italy, Nigeria, Tanzania, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, Peru,Bangladesh and more than a dozen Asia-Europe-Africa countries.
Weifang medical device quality management Outstanding enterprises
Weifang good faith private enterprise,
Weifang city labor security good faith enterprises,
Weifang city abide by the contract good credit enterprise,
Weifang city hundred best private service enterprise,
Shuangli trademark " 2010 Shandong Province famous trademark ".
National patent:
Sealing Detector for Medical drainage Bag
(Patent No. ZL 2013 2 0030149.5),
Stamping tooling for the solution filter into drip chamber
(Patent No. ZL 2013 2 0030077.4)
In the future:
with the vigorous development of the pharmaceutical industry in the world and the increasing proportion of thepharmaceutical industry in the national economy of our country, our company is determined to devote itself to thedevelopment of new high-precision medical device products with high added value, to upgrade the existing products, andto increase high-end medical products such as precision infusion set, TPE infusion set, light-proof infusion set and so on.At the same time, cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions to R & D heart sheath tube, heart interventionequipment and brain drainage apparatus.